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Niagara Cloud

Discover how Niagara saves 70% of data research and understanding time, improves data quality by more than 50%, and eliminates manual reprocessing time and associated human errors.
Give your employees time and peace of mind, they deserve it.

Datacatalog visualization: shows the data path between CNC, SAP, AWS3, Fabriq and Minitab with data quality and completion rate

    Data Catalog

    The Google of your internal data

    Improve data quality


      Automating tasks has never been so intuitive

      Put an end to reprocessing

      How Niagara helps you gain agility and performance

      Unblock the IS department | Increase operational performance

      Bring back the data wherever it comes from

      With its connectors designed for and with manufacturers, Niagara makes it possible to digitize all types of documents. For example, you can carry out these quality analyzes on scraps whose data has been lying around in the lab for 20 years.

      I have control data to report

      Multisite and manufacturing standards

      Develop collaborative standards, allow employees from your different industrial sites to come to an agreement. Be sure to compare "tomatoes with tomatoes" and report the compiled data in real time more easily.

      My TRS is not calculated the same way in all my sites

      Discover new uses

      Real time, data quality scoring, decision-making support or even a drastic reduction in time-to-action.
      Connect your system, from ERP to BI, including your internally developed applications and the cloud , and take advantage of the possibilities offered by new technologies.

      Why Niagara?

      Debottleneck the IT department

      The number of internal needs is exploding. Give control to users, while leaving control to the IT department. This can then focus on the long term.

      Increase deployment speed

      From S+1, you generate added value. With each new use case connected, the system becomes more robust. Iterate faster.

      Increase the level of understanding

      Users benefit from a collaborative tool where knowledge and data history are accessible in one click. Reduce your dependence on external consultants.

      How it works.

      We choose a use case together

      We come on site, carry out a diagnosis and choose together which use case we are going to attack by following our decision matrix.


      We integrate with your information system

      We are not obligated to do this, but the more integrated we are, the more value we will bring to you. It's fast, simple and above all secure.

      We deliver value, you monitor and reproduce on other irritants

      Our goal is to enable your employees to implement use cases independently. But don't worry, we're always here if they need a helping hand :)


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