Take back control
of your industrial data

The Niagara platform allows manufacturers to connect their production system (machines, IoT, controllers, etc.) in real time and make data-driven decisions to put an end to production hazards (scrap, material loss, machine availability, energy consumption).

All via an intuitive no-code interface.

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How does it work?

Connect the shop floor in hours and without coding with our native connectors to industrial machines and protocols.

Connecting the workshop in a jiffy

Connect the shop floor in hours and without coding with our native connectors to industrial machines and protocols.


  • Siemens

  • ABB

  • Schneider Electric

  • ...


  • Modbus

  • Profinet

  • Codesys

  • ...

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On-the-fly alerting, monitoring and prediction

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The end of the EO-IT boundary

Send production data (OT) into your application galaxy. Serve:

I'm tired of re-entering my data

Why Niagara?

Time saving and serenity for your teams

0% re-keying errors: your teams focus on high value-added tasks.

Reduce your machine downtime by up to 50%.

TRS, Taakt time, and other production KPIs and real-time alerting.  

Install a future proof platform today

Unlock new AI and ML use cases and reduce your maintenance costs by 40%.

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Excellent 4.7 out of 5

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Gain in competitiveness

Niagara allows us to automate new flows of control and measurement data and to correlate them in order to improve the control of the production process, which is critical in aeronautics.

Industrial Manager

Increase collaboration and knowledge

The data catalog allows us to re-integrate the scattered knowledge of our SAP consultants, while raising awareness of the "data culture" among all the actors of the company.

Digital Manager

Thinking about the future

Thanks to Niagara, we have automated the data flow feedback, the maintenance of these data flows and we no longer have to worry about updating the application connectors. We can now focus on high value-added tasks, monitor and think about long-term architecture.


Share your data

Create a secure bridge between your production systems and your IT system.
Push your streaming or batch data to the cloud in the blink of an eye.
Over 100 connectors and drivers, and counting.

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Improvement of machine availability


Predictive maintenance

Machine learning

Multiple use cases

Build your flows, use Niagara's pre-built bricks or use your own applications within the Niagara eco-system, we are open!

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Make your data talk

Real-time analytics and out-of-the-box dashboards.
No-code workflows interface: set thresholds, alerts and chain actions without coding.

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Connect your systems

Connect and bring up any type of data: paper, pdf, machines, IoT, PLC, CnC, historian, etc.
Standardize and label them easily. Store them, all in real time

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