Take back control
of your industrial data

The Niagara platform allows manufacturers to connect their production system (machines, IoT, controllers, etc.) in real time and take data-driven decisions in order to put an end to production hazards (scrap, material loss, machine availability, energy consumption).

All via an intuitive no-code interface.

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Connect the workshop in a jiffy

Connect the workshop in a few hours and without coding with our native connectors to industrial machines and protocols.


  • Siemens

  • ABB

  • Schneider Electric

  • ...


  • Modbus

  • Profinet

  • Codesys

  • ...

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Alerting, monitoring and predictive on the fly

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The end of the border OT-IT

Send production data (OT) to your application galaxy (IT). Serve:

I'm tired of re-entering my data

For what Niagara ?


machine downtime

Track and optimize your production KPIs in real time.  



Time saving and peace of mind for your teams: they focus on high value-added tasks.

maintenance costs

Unlock new use cases such as predictive and reduce your maintenance costs by up to 40%.

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