Who are we ?

A team of tech enthusiasts serving the industry.

    For what Niagara ?

    Freeing industrial data

    Niagara was born from the meeting between Pierrick Boissel And Mustapha Mansour, two tech entrepreneurs.

    Supported by OSS venture builders and in contact with users on production sites, we realized the flagrant lack of availability of unified, quality and actionable production data.

    Niagara was born.

    The values ​​of the Niagara team are: fraternity, no start up BS, Delivery, Energy, Commitment and Ownership.

      Culture and values

      Deliver - Share - Learn

      At Niagara, we have a strong customer focus. Expect to often go to the factory to meet users, and to be challenged on your ability to deliver.

      For us, the spirit of the collective takes precedence over individualities, however brilliant they may be. In a structure where everyone is free to propose, take on subjects, build and then be responsible for them; Commitment and strong ownership are expected from everyone.

      Finally, we know that we do not save lives: we deliver but while having fun, sharing and learning.

      Join us

        The team

        Already more than 5 nationalities

        We are passionate about digital transformation issues in the industry.
        We believe in open source, open data and think that the future belongs to data driven and literate manufacturers. Successful companies no longer just use data, they base their entire model on it.
        We want to enable manufacturers to regain control of their data, a true untapped source of value.

        If you have the same convictions, don't hesitate to apply or stop by for a coffee!

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