Niagara and OSS Ventures

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Niagara and OSS Ventures

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How was Niagara created? 

Niagara was launched with the support ofOSS Ventures, a startup studio specializing in operational SaaS for factories. More than just an incubator or investment fund, OSS Ventures provides product development expertise to create quality solutions.

OSS Venture

OSS Ventures' portfolio includes Fabriq, a shop floor management solution for Industry 4.0. Kraaft, a project management solution for deskless and remote teams. Mercateam, a desktop-less workforce organization and management solution. Oplit, a workflow and planning solution. Niagara, an industrial data management solution. Automi AI, a no-code industrial AI solution. Whyyle, a CSR management and monitoring solution. MyC Medtech, an employee health data management and tracking solution for enterprises. Juno, an operational flow optimization solution. Emera, a supplier-customer relationship management solution.

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